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Small hut, green view in Saül

Small hut, green view in Saül

Ara rouge

An hour’s flight from Cayenne, French Guiana,, Saül attracts travellers in love with green and genuine tourism: a generous, mysterious forest where every encounter is a real treasure. Let’s take a path up to Saül’s Belvedere.

This walk can be enjoyed in the early morning or the late afternoon; we picked the afternoon. After leaving the village, following the path to the left of the main square Place des Fêtes, our steps led us to the start of a marked path easy to spot. The sun was beginning to go down slowly. An ideal moment for a stroll in the forest.

1. Saül / The St. Anthony of Padua Church, Saül / 2.Carbet onAir 54 33 overlooking Saül / 3. The famous Ceiba, tree of the year 2015 / 4. Saül from the Belvedere

The village sounds became muffled. A sign on a tree reminded us that Saül is also a land of flavors: at the foot of Mount Belvedere, Didier cultivates his cocoa « cœur de Saül”. However, there was no time for tasting. We resumed our walk and climbed slowly, less than a 100-meter height difference over 2 kilometers, a deceptively flat uphill strech of land. Nothing insurmountable, even for beginners. After twenty minutes, at the end of the path, at a height of 300 meters, we saw a shelter overlooking a rock, with a table and benches for picnics.

A small group left, leaving the place to us. We were alone with a breathtaking view of the village, nestled in a green cocoon. Saül and its unique Creole houses, its laterite dirt paths, its one-of-a-kind church and its immense, majestic silk-cotton tree, voted tree of the year in 2015 by French magazine Terre Sauvage. This kind of moment is magical: out of the world, out of time. The sounds of the forest changed and the sun rays became less intense on Mont Galbao we could see in the distance. A gentle way to come back to reality and return.


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