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TPRM Transport : quality as the trump card

TPRM Transport : quality as the trump card

TPRM Transport la qualité comme carte maîtresse

TPRM Transport provides freight transport for goods on the inter-island market. Rely on the strengths of this company with 17 years of experience.

~ The Company Transport Public Routier et Maritime (TPRM) operates in a highly competitive environment. Far from being an obstacle for its creator, this factor creates competition and is a guarantee of increasing quality: “we are very demanding with ourselves in respecting delivery times and this is what sets us apart,” explains founder Nylvestre Epil, the Limited Company’s sole partner. Founded in 2005, the company transports freight of all kinds, excluding living materials: food products, scrap metal, wood, cars, healthcare products, etc.

~ TPRM has developed its activity around inter-island exchanges, a segment representing 80% of its turnover. Thus the company operates in the whole of Guadeloupe and Martinique, its strong bases, but also on Marie-Galante and Saint-Martin. Since its creation, TPRM has diversified and developed new service offerings such as the transport of vehicles, goods and moving between Martinique, Guadeloupe and France. In terms of maritime transport, TPRM Transport is backed by partners, particularly MARFRET, ensuring turnover between Guadeloupe and Martinique.

A STRONG REPUTATION. ~ TPRM works with major trade, semi-industry and import / export groups in the West Indies. For example, 50% of outlets in the healthcare sector in the Antilles are delivered by its teams. The market offers prospects, large and medium distribution increasingly using logistics companies. Companies in other sectors also tend to outsource these costs. To retain customers and convince others, TPRM is staying the course on a high level of service quality. And in this area, its serious reputation is its best asset.

Founder Nylvestre Epil manages and encourages 13 full-time employees. Around him: 1 sales representative, 1 management assistant, 6 delivery drivers in Guadeloupe and 4 delivery drivers in Martinique.
A tried and tested team!


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