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Citrus Creek

There is an island in the Caribbean that many consider to one of the most beautiful, the most verdant. That island is Dominica, where there is a place we cannot even imagine, a place where you can see the river from your bed, where nature and plentitude prevail. This place is Citrus Creek Plantation, located at La Plaine.

Citrus Creek Plantation is an eco-village in Dominica, set in a beautiful natural setting along the Taberi River. Its six cottages are of different sizes and architectural styles. The restaurant in the main stone building has a convivial ambiance… but it’s also a spot where you can forget you are a social being as you marvel at the nature. The cuisine is so delicious, you’ll awaken from your  relaxed state to enjoy it. Chefs from around the world takes turns for short intervals, so that they too can enjoy this haven of peacefulness.

Guava from river

Citrus Creek is the work of two people from France: Hervé, a pilot, and  Anne, an architect. After 15 years of white-sand beaches in Saint François, the couple dreamed of a tropical forest, fresh water, shade, waterfalls, and lush vegetation.

Anne and Hervé fell in love with this vast 20-acres plantation and bought it in two days. They had a vision: a French village in Dominica, plus also an international village to welcome all nationalities. The plantation strives to be auto-sufficient and welcomes tourists to stay in cottages on the property. Some are already built, others to be built by those who buy into the project.

4. Road to Riverside cars 5. Bedroom 6. Ylang net 7. Citrus Creek plan view

Citrus Creek is an eco-village in more than just name: solar energy, fruit and vegetables from the garden, no swimming pool, and certainly not any air-conditioning. The guests who stay are welcome to share their talents: all ideas are welcome to create a village unlike any other. A French chef opened the restaurant and planted the gardens; a Slovak built the solar laboratory. They enjoy autonomy in terms of water and electricity, and in terms of agriculture they produce vanilla, tobacco, cacao… and additional autonomy for farm products comes though collaboration with neighbors.  They recycle, compost, produce water, and are connected to a fresh water source. Investors can build at least six other cottages to their taste by buying a piece of land at Citrus Creek on a peaceful, preserved, resilient site, where the land is generous. 

Several nearby waterfalls stand witness to the wild beauty of the island. Thanks to all its assets, Dominica welcomes growing numbers of American, Canadian, English, Swedish, and South African visitors. An American medical school has opened there.  The owners of Citrus Creek, originally French but now Dominican, combine a French lifestyle with the vibrant spontaneity of the island. Citrus Creek Plantation is worth the detour, be it for a short stay or settling down permanently.

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