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Caroline Tournebise, better known as an artist by the pseudonym “LaBise”, is passionate about photography. Always smiling, naturally cheerful, her work is filled with contagious emotions.

A globetrotter who loves nature and “real” people, LaBise has a wide range of interests, and strives to capture their beauty while creating authentic images. She greatly admires musicians and the energy they create. In her curated musical series, her eye caught that exact moment on stage that reveals the personality of the performer, their engagement, their quest for justice… and that jazzy blue note.

Légende : 1. Lycinaïs Jean. Crédit photos : © LaBise.
Légendes : 2.Pilani Bubu. 3.Sophie Chauvenet. Crédit photos : © LaBise.
Légendes : 4.Jocelyne Beroard. Crédit photos : © LaBise.
Légendes : 5.Tanya St Val. Crédit photos : © LaBise

Her personalized approach, in black and white, integrates a touch of bright color to help guide the eye of the viewer toward a photographic narration. The story that unfolds invites the viewer to be immersed in a musical universe where one can almost hear the bass lines and the frenzy of the drum solos…

Establishing close relationships with her subjects, Caroline is almost like a member of the band. Her photos are not “taken” but “played,” with her lens as her instrument. Her score? The desire to best capture these ephemeral moments and make them immortal.

Auteur : Mathias Flodrops

Discover all of the images in this series from June 15-30, 2023, during a group show at the Pavillon de la Ville in Pointe-à-Pitre.



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