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Ainsi dressé sur les hauteurs de Saint-Barthélemy depuis 1962, point de vue iconique et histoire de l’île convergent au pied du phare de Gustavia.

An iconic scenic outlook and the history of the island converge at the foot of the Gustavia Lighthouse, perched on a promontory in St Barthélemy since 1961.

Located on the site of the old Swedish Fort Gustav, the beacon of Saint Barthélemy glows triumphant above Gustavia harbor. A white conical structure over 30 feet high, coiffed in red at the top, the Gustavia Lighthouse is one of the most famous landmarks on the small West Indian island, providing an incredible panoramic view of the island’s capital as well as a glimpse into its history.

The first illumination for the Port of Gustavia was a simple flame lit when needed by a guard, but the increase of marine traffic in the West nIndies, including Saint Barthélemy, after the Second World War meant more frequent illumination until it was needed on a daily basis. After being built by the Direction des Phares et Balises in 1961, the Gustavia Lighthouse was first lit by gas, then electricity, which led to the automation of its operation in 1972.

Légende : 1. À gauche, le port de Gustavia. / Crédit photo : Shutterstock.

Today, the base of the lighthouse is a popular spot for artists, amateur photographers, tourists, and lovers who follow a winding path that leads through tall spiky cactus toward the former weather station to reveal one of the most iconic panoramic views on the island. To the left, a bird’s eye view of the Port of Gustavia and its history accented by the Anglican Church, the Swedish clocktower, and the old stones of the Wall House, while to the right one can see neighboring islands including Saint Martin, Saba, and Saint Eustache floating on the horizon. In days of yore, the only light ashore was the lantern of the lighthouse adding its twinkling beacon to the night sky of Saint Barthélemy.

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