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Who are you?

Who are you?

Qui êtes-vous ?

If you are asked to define yourself in a few words, what will you answer?
It seems to be a simple question. Yet many people hesitate, are dissatisfied with their answers or do not even know what to answer.

WHO ARE YOU? ~ A typical response would contain one of the following: your profession, marital status, age, religion or nationality. For example: “I am an accountant, single without children, I am 40 years old, I am Catholic and Spanish.” But does such an answer really satisfy you in describing who you are?
We are the person that should know us the best, but it is often easier to know others better than ourselves. If I ask you to describe the essence of a person you love, will your answer also consist of their profession, age or even nationality? Or will it rather look like this: “This person is smiling, caring and likes to make jokes; she/ he will take the time to call me back even if she/he is busy. This person doesn’t judge me.” Her/his job, age or nationality doesn’t matter in describing who this person IS.

BE AUTHENTIC. ~ However, you need to know who you are in order to be authentic and as a consequence:
Feel free. When you act contrary to who you are, it drains your energy and you probably feel some burden. By being more authentic you will feel lighter, more energized, free and at peace. Be happier. Your life will be more meaningful as you will be pursuing dreams and passions that are truly yours. You will live YOUR life and not the life of somebody you have created.
Every human being wants to be loved for what they are (the good, the bad and the weird parts of them). By being yourself, of course, you will not please everyone, but you will attract people who resonate with you, accept you and like you for who you are.
Inspire respect and trust, and inspire people around you. Have you ever been in touch with a “fake” person? It is usually a feeling that does not inspire trust because it feels like this person is dishonest. Although we don’t always connect with person when she/he is being authentic, but at least we respect them for being sincere. This person can even give us the desire and courage to be ourselves too.

FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE. ~ It is normal not to “recognize yourself” or not to like who you are in certain situations, to lose sight of who you are or even to have never taken the time to wonder. My suggestion is to ask yourself today: Who am I? The answer will allow you to make the right choices, attract the right people, be happier, improve your leadership skills and self- confidence.
Life-Coaching provides the keys and tools to learn how to discover who you are today and who you want to be, how to live authentically and how not to lose sight of yourself over time and experiences. The “NOW assessment” test will help you to find out who you really are.

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