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In the United States, the LandQuire company offers the opportunity to invest and generate, through the purchase and resale of land in the United States. We have met its founder, Thibaut Guéant, following the teams’ visit in Guadeloupe.

ONAIR – We met you for a previous issue of ONAIR Mag, but for those who are just finding out about you, could you explain LandQuire’s activities and contributions?

Légendes : 1.Thibaut Guéant 2. Thibaut Guéant dans un événement à Paris

Thibaut Guéant – We buy and resell land on the American market and share the profits with external investors located mainly in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Caribbean. Every month, we manage to acquire land below its value, accurately estimated by our teams of experts and local real estate agents. We then resell it sharing the profit with our investors. To automate these tasks, we have developed the “LQ factor” software that retrieves the sales databases of 3243 American and allows us to select the most active ones.

OA – For 4 days, LandQuire participated in several events in July in Guadeloupe. How did your encounters with the island’s audience go?

TG – We were able to meet and discuss with more than 150 investors to present investment opportunities in the United States. More than twenty of them have already expressed their intention to invest and we trust word of mouth for others to join in the months to come. So, we got very positive feedback. For some there still remains to overcome the small obstacle of investing outside France.

OA – How would you reassure them?

TG – We provide a passive and above all turnkey investment solution with a multidisciplinary, experienced team. This way you can maximize profit and minimize risk. LandQuire is dedicated to satisfying investors because, before the profit, we prioritize the human dimension. Two of the co-founders of our company are French and our core business is to offer Europeans opportunities on the American market thanks to our expertise.

OA – What’s new since our last interview?

TG – LandQuire has completed the fundraising of 3.5 million dollars. We have created a new department to further develop and increase the chances of investing and generating profit and increasing the valuation of the LandQuire parent company. LandQuire is pursuing its ambition to become the leader in its industry.

OA – What are your next events?

TG – LandQuire will be travelling to Cannes, France in late November for MAPIC, the largest international real estate fair that will last three days. The 1st week of December, we will be in Martinique where we will organize our own event. Finally, we will be in Saint Barths the 2nd week of December. A webinar is also scheduled for Tuesday, October 25. Add it now to your calendar!

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