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Les 60 nuances de bleus DE

Donovane Tremor, a photographer from St. Martin, casts a loving and constantly renewed glance on his island. From high in the sky, through his eye we discover the beauty of the island’s nature with multiple shades.

Donovane Tremor was barely a teenager when, with his father’s camera, he became interested in photography. He was born in Baie Nettlé, a place that he is still discovering today as he can capture even the most subtle changes. The sunset view that cradled his childhood undoubtedly sharpened his sensitivity to color palettes. As a child, “I liked to capture landscapes and then see them on the screen,” he confides.

Now a professional photographer, he invites us to this discovery from unexpected angles: “Even and especially when I photograph a well-known or familiar landscape, I do it from an unusual angle,” he explains. Donovane Tremor likes to surprise, arouse curiosity, always inviting us to go further, to see further, sideways, differently.

In this state of mind, he shows us St. Martin from the sky. “Flying over the island with no trajectory limit, no height limit allows us to appreciate certain things that we cannot see on foot or from a car, and to capture angles impossible to find on the ground. Through his gyrocopter trips, Donovane Tremor immerses us in an intimate, sometimes inaccessible, above all amazing St. Martin. “I can offer new photos with each flight, so with my base of hundreds of photos, I can show views of the island that we don’t usually see.”

Crédit photo : © Donovane Tremor

Construction sites and buildings testifying to a rebirth since the passage of Irma, green spaces of a majestic and resilient nature… all under different skies. Whether it’s windy or rainy, they are always kind to the aesthete’s eye. “The weather is different every time, and so are the hours. Whether it is sunrise or sunset, or the middle of the day, nature offers a magnificent and original show every time”, testifies the photographer.

Beyond the hunt for images, he also goes there to escape: “It’s a pleasure to fly and observe so many details. You can be 200 to 300 meters high and spot a swimming turtle or big fish, dolphins and even whales, with a little bit of luck!” The beauty of flying in a gyrocopter is that you can go to all possible heights and discover different aspects of the island, not just low-lying details. You can be very, very high and see how beautiful things can be, whether it’s shadows on the water, typhoons, different blues of the sea, shadows on the hills…”

Auteur Agnès Monlouis-Félicité

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